A normal day for me

My normal day off with me waking up at 7:30 AM on week days. I go to school then I walk home. When I get home I usually watch tv shows like Spongebob, NHL Network, etc. Then its time for me to do knee hockey I usually do it until 5:30 when my dad gets home. I usually do my ipad or xbox after he gets home. I do games on my Xbox like nhl 15, and nba2k15. Then at 7:00 I usually watch a sporting event. Then at 7:30 usually when  its intermission I do knee hockey until 8:00 when I have dinner. Then at I do my homework or deal with my mom scream at me for something. Then at 8:30 I play knee hockey or play with my xbox until 9:30 when Read until 9:50 where I watch tv until 10:30. Then I sit in bed until about 11:40. Then I start the whole cycle over again.

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